School in the Centre

What: The school of today is not able to meet the needs of all children. In 2011 over 13000 students finished primary school (9th year) without sufficient grades thus risking to fall into a social gap of excluded kids. The project aim is to create a new school model for youths, between 14 and 20 years of age, where the architecture and physical environment supports academic, personal and social growth. Bridging the gap between institutional care and everyday society. And at the same time strengthening the local community.

In connection to the school there will be a home for children and youths who for certain reasons can not stay with their family is proposed.

Why? The aim is to prevent youth from falling into crime, addictions or social exclusion, giving them a wider range of opportunities, helping them to develop new social skills and networks to support their future as valuable, satisfied, and self-confident individuals contributing to society.

Besides the social benefits the project will have a positive economic value as the kids will not need supplementary institutional help. Additional to that the municipality will invest in the area, creating job opportunities. Last but not least physical closeness facilitates communication between authorities, associations and local actors. Making visible such important issues they can not be ignored, urging them to be addressed.

School in Center small

School in Center2 small


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