Dense Transparency- Östra Hospital OP building addition

Östra Sjukhuset is part of the public healthcare system
and is managed by Västra Götalands Regionen. In the
regions vision for the Good Life it is stated that all decisions
must take into account the long-term social, environmental
and economic consequences. When working
with social sustainability Östra Sjukhuset have turned to
human rights, being already legally binding rules. As a
hospital and a part of the public sector they are not only
striving towards but are also obligated to create a hospital
and hospital surroundings where the right to the best attainable
health for all are respected, protected, promoted
and implemented.

The common understanding for a Universal Hospital is:
one build upon acceptance of patient’s variety and diversity.
Its definite perception is always colored by the local
characteristics, traditions and enriched with specific social
values. A common principle implemented is “form
follows function”, and quite often the function is weaved
in the complexity of heavily institutionalized system.
Often hospitals should be quite large to be financially
justifiable and preferably small to be human oriented.
They are wanted in the city centers so they can be easily
accessible, but concerns for epidemics and availabilities
of proper building sites push them quite often in the outside
boundaries. Hospitals should be quite flexible and
accessible to all; as well as create the sense of security and
privacy. All these contradicting to each other factors create
complicated decision making processes which directly
affect the final architectural outcome.

In many cases the health care building stocks we see today
is part of an era of massive building production which has
occurred 30-40 years ago. Quite common past practice is
that little or non attention was given to a hospitals social
aspects and influential factors such as rapidly aging population,
higher lobar professional expectation, demand
of multi- tasking, flexible designed spaces, and changing
social communication demands. Today these become the
hospital design ruling factors.

dense transparency

dense transparency2


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