Growing old- senior house proposal

The Senior Citizens Green House is a representation of human-nature interaction. One of the initial idea is to explore the relationship between design science and architecture. The Senior Green Home is created with the mind of allowing healing property of nature to take over physical and psychological state of senior citizens.

Essential to underline is reviling the opportunities of alternative holistic life and self awareness for the elderly.

The Senior Green house was strategically positioned on a lot in the main campus of University of Illinois in Chicago. Close enough for a short walk it will give an opportunity for its residents to sign for free classes attend some activities at the university fitness centre and use the library.

Being part of the campus life the senior home will present a perfect opportunity for volunteers, as well as study and research. The project is a representation of newer alternative care for the growing elderly population.

Reinventing the traditional nursing care, implementing humanity along with familiar home base living conditions resulted in a social cultural changed design.

Growing old


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