Imaginarium power of storytelling

Project challenge: Create proposals for custom tables by reflecting main elements, principles or processes of fashion and interior design industry .

Material limitation: sustainable, easy to recycle, durable
compressed wood chips, recycled barn wood, resin glass, and signature for the International Academy of Design color palette.



Side by Side

Casting technique : Barrier, pouring, dropping from certain levels

Materials : Colored wax, uncolored wax, oil paints, crystal salt and flat form

Features : Barrier resistance, color saturation, movement

The nature of materials used is described according to their chemical consistency as

hydrophilic, hydrophobic and amphipathic. Hydrophilic is ‘water-loving’ such as milk,

wool, cotton, etc. Hydrophobic is ‘water-repelling’, for examples oil, waxes, fats, etc . An

amphipathic is a term describing a chemical compound possessing both hydrophilic and

hydrophobic character, like soap. Along with wax, soap, we have used dry color powder

which resist the liquidity of the wax and results in a splash-like, rough texture illusion.

In combination with a layering method it allowed us to express 3d visual depth.

Opposing the powder, the oil paint colors can easily be mixed to a

homogenous consistency with a melted soap or wax, creating heavy solid module.