Imaginarium power of storytelling

Project challenge: Create proposals for custom tables by reflecting main elements, principles or processes of fashion and interior design industry .

Material limitation: sustainable, easy to recycle, durable
compressed wood chips, recycled barn wood, resin glass, and signature for the International Academy of Design color palette.



Lush lounge-cafe/wine bar

Lush Lounge is a café/wine bar concept with boutique like design. Holistically inspired it is the “Other” place which provides new alternative for a good night out.

Environmentally conscious design solutions have been implemented to create soothing, tranquil atmosphere. Behind the idea is the desire to develop a hybrid between the traditional coffee shop and the night lounge, ultimately inviting a wider clientele. Overall it is the bar in town where you can find organic coffee, small food bites, and a variety of selected wines, all wrapped in uniquely relaxing surrounding.

Awareness of fast changing trends and new social demands have created the opportunity for such unexpected commercial venues to become the hearth of city life.

Lush lounge

“Notes of Nursing, what is it and what is it not”

” …..the very first cannon of nursing, the first and the last thing upon which a nurse’s attention must be fixed, first essential to a patient, without which all the rest you can do for him is as nothing, with wich I had almoust said you may leave all the rest alone, is this: TO KEEP THE AIR HE BRATHES AS PURE AS THE EXTERNAL AIR, WITHOUT CHILLING HIM”
Florence Nightingale, 1898

Physical and psychological stress in hospital patients

<p<em>>“ The range, delicacy and complexity of meanings which exist in a multivalent work have an analogous effect on the mind that interacts with them. Ultimately we are transformed by what we experience……” Jenks pg26

Persons’ physical state of health is a broader true reflection of his/hers psychological status, intellectual willingness to accept life changes, individual perception of empowerment, sense of belonging, control of his bodily function and the surrounding it needs to exist in to. Entering the hospital one willingly relinquish its self bodily control in to the hands of the professionals, without questioning their superiority in knowing what is best for his/hers health. Still many associate their stay in a hospice as stressful, intimidating and along unfamiliar surroundings. General understanding of healing environment suggests that physical setting can encourage the process and patients’ well-being, improve staff work satisfaction, and lower the overall level of stress. Recognizing the matter of body stimuli, an architect could establish well based, motivated, and systematic work process woven around human physical senses. In her book Malkin underlines certain components which she finds vital in creating therapeutic environment. Amongst them are: air quality, temperature, noise, light, views of nature, and visual pleasing environment. Translated trough the biological prism each corresponds to one of the five essential human senses: smell, touch, hear, see, and taste. Level of stress is an essential factor used in process of evaluating hospital environments. Feeling tired, week, and living with pain is what the physical condition of many admitted in to the hospital is. The objective state of one can be further effected by self evaluation of helplessness, feelings of confusion, and coping with a state of unknown health future. Thus the level of psychological stress rises which may actually slows the recovery process.

Side by Side

Casting technique : Barrier, pouring, dropping from certain levels

Materials : Colored wax, uncolored wax, oil paints, crystal salt and flat form

Features : Barrier resistance, color saturation, movement

The nature of materials used is described according to their chemical consistency as

hydrophilic, hydrophobic and amphipathic. Hydrophilic is ‘water-loving’ such as milk,

wool, cotton, etc. Hydrophobic is ‘water-repelling’, for examples oil, waxes, fats, etc . An

amphipathic is a term describing a chemical compound possessing both hydrophilic and

hydrophobic character, like soap. Along with wax, soap, we have used dry color powder

which resist the liquidity of the wax and results in a splash-like, rough texture illusion.

In combination with a layering method it allowed us to express 3d visual depth.

Opposing the powder, the oil paint colors can easily be mixed to a

homogenous consistency with a melted soap or wax, creating heavy solid module.

Power of the Cube

Power of the CubeThe project presented was a group cooperative development in which I was part of. Our aim was to make rigorous use of material experimentation, supported by digital design and fabrication, in order to design mobile galleries for an outdoor accessible expositions at Chalmers University’s Johanneberg campus, Gothenburg, Sweden.
The task should be achieved trough the process of an open cast for which we need to create a base design. Ideally a connection between material casted and form should be explored to the extend of understanding, manipulation regulating, and guiding their characteristics and separate identities, resulting in one homogenous final piece.

Among the vast variety of forms in architecture, simple geometric shapes have always occupied a special place due to the unique combination of features such as simplicity, rationality, and creativity. Cube is one of such simple yet very rich and bright architectural shapes. We have worked on the idea to make rigorous use of material experimentation, supported by digital design and fabrication, in order to reach the goals and achieve the design implementing only the allowed materials-soap, wax, color, paint.

materials used: wax, oil based color, color powder, soap