The city without cars

Dream on or Go Crazy over IT? What do you think life in a city will be without the presence of the CAR. How it will feel to wake up in the morning, look outside and do not see any side of parking lots, any stop lights, and mainly knowing you have no transportation in the manner you are so used to.

This article compiles information on cities around the globe that relay completely on public transportation including but not limited to horse carriages, gondolas, small canoes, or simply by foot.


The first city I found information about on the web was Giethoorn. Located in the northwest part of Holland it is considered from some a rural village. Water canals are very typical for the overall country landscape, and here they are no exception. Located on an edge of a national park, Weerribben-Wieden, the village is home for no more than 3000 people. Most of the homes are built on what looks like small private islands. 180 wooden bridges create an intriguing web that is pleasing for the eye as well as it provides friendly pedestrian walking opportunities. Many of the visitors as well as the residents will however use small boats and canoes to reach their destination in the summer. As for the winter, numerous of the small lakes and ponds some of them not deeper than 3-4 feet freeze completely and create a winter ice-skating wonderland. By choice or not everyone either walk or boat, and that is what the residents consider a main factor for the affluence of the community.

Giethoorn city without cars