Mirae Medical Foundation Health Improvement Centre by Jang Soon Gak and Jay is Working

“Last February, the interior renovation of the Mirae Medical Centre in Seoul, Korea was completed. The design was a collaboration between Prof. Jang Soon Gak and Jay is Working. Through its interior, the Mirae Medical Foundation Health Examination Centre intended to convey the importance of the bioresearch center and its specialized (brain)examinations.

This effect was achieved by mainly using the colour white, as well as letting the design be inspired by biology. The structures that make up the stairs and some walls and low hanging ceilings are based on the ribs of an animal. ‘This we gave the name “Dinosaur’s Ribs”’, says Jang Soon Gak. The ‘ribs’ give the space a rhythm and form the identity of the center. ”

April 18, 2013, Text by Anne-Wil Heijlaerts


Mirae medical Foundation 3

Mirae medical foundation Health Centre

Mirae medical foundation 4

Mirae Medical Foundation 2

Mirae Medical Foundation 5


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