Patient verses Person Centered care

Architectural GIGA map-01

It is a practice today to address the one being treated
by a room number, when the staff discusses his/hers conditions. Such practice
implemented in an order to protect ones’ privacy is the smallest example of a
chain hospital institutionalized culture by which the human is leveled to the
state of patient. Thus the hospital stresses the absolute importance of their
actions directed towards physical healing processes. According to Cambridge
dictionary patient is “someone who is being treated by a doctor, nurse,
etc”. What is missing in the definition is clarification of what has been
treated, and it seems that majority of hospitals are operating under the presumption
of healing the body. Without accounting for the whole body mind spirit the health
practice will continue to stumble upon simple questions such as where the
person perspective is, what is the individual side of the health process and
how am I responsible for my own health. Patient Centered Care in that matter is
still only directed towards healing the biological problem, and looks in the
one in need as human matter buried down in sick body. The responsibility acquired
in that case is for the body material, while the human side is often
disregarded. What Person Centered care is aiming for is simple: switch the
perceptions, understand and focus on the human who in its complexity is carrying
certain unhealthy conditions.


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