The Hospital Experiance = physical and psychological stress? continue

 Taste: Medication, are very often the reason for a sick ones to feel a bad taste in their mouth. Taste, similar to smell is strong memory evoking reciprocity sense, and it is often patient has various perception of satisfactory needs as well as times when they feel hungry. Not being able to fallow your routine in food habits can cause irritation in some cases, as well as dissatisfaction and sometimes malnutrition for the simple reason of disliking the food sources available in the hospital primacies.

Touch: Being in pain, sensitive skin, and irritation are only some of the bodily symptoms when hospitalized. Human touch is essential to our survival, still in hospital setting quite often patients are subjected to numerous procedures such as blood samples, temperature monitoring, urine catheters, etc., which are mostly unnatural. The body rejects them and a stress point can be reached where in certain cases one can develop fear and nausea from being touched. On the other hand the absence touch can have damaging effect on the sic wellbeing. “ In 1915, pediatrician Dr. Henry Dwight Chapin, in a report on children’s institutions in 10 different cities, reported that these children were literally dying, and in fact, all but one child under the age of two died. After eliminating nutrition problems and diseases as the cause, those examining the problem found that sanitation rules prohibited caregivers from touching or even handling the children, and most died. “ ( Ornstein & Sobel, 1997, p42)


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