Physical and psychological stress in hospital patients

<p<em>>“ The range, delicacy and complexity of meanings which exist in a multivalent work have an analogous effect on the mind that interacts with them. Ultimately we are transformed by what we experience……” Jenks pg26

Persons’ physical state of health is a broader true reflection of his/hers psychological status, intellectual willingness to accept life changes, individual perception of empowerment, sense of belonging, control of his bodily function and the surrounding it needs to exist in to. Entering the hospital one willingly relinquish its self bodily control in to the hands of the professionals, without questioning their superiority in knowing what is best for his/hers health. Still many associate their stay in a hospice as stressful, intimidating and along unfamiliar surroundings. General understanding of healing environment suggests that physical setting can encourage the process and patients’ well-being, improve staff work satisfaction, and lower the overall level of stress. Recognizing the matter of body stimuli, an architect could establish well based, motivated, and systematic work process woven around human physical senses. In her book Malkin underlines certain components which she finds vital in creating therapeutic environment. Amongst them are: air quality, temperature, noise, light, views of nature, and visual pleasing environment. Translated trough the biological prism each corresponds to one of the five essential human senses: smell, touch, hear, see, and taste. Level of stress is an essential factor used in process of evaluating hospital environments. Feeling tired, week, and living with pain is what the physical condition of many admitted in to the hospital is. The objective state of one can be further effected by self evaluation of helplessness, feelings of confusion, and coping with a state of unknown health future. Thus the level of psychological stress rises which may actually slows the recovery process.


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