Historical development of a patient ward through pictures

Hospitals are quite often designed in a way to ease the professional staff work load, with less attention to the patient. Multiple patient rooms not allowing for private moments, with beds along the walls, hallways entrances only to one side where nurse station observing the activity in the ward was located. Wards space is assigned multiple purposes. It is the meeting place for relatives, the work environment for the staff, and physical space were patients have to find a way to recover and heal. In what way has the space understanding of hospital wards have changed trough history? Take a tour with me looking through the lens of historical images

Hospital-wards-Florence-1820-1910 Florence 1820-1910

Hospital-wards-Casual mens casual ward , London 1860 Mens ward, London, 1860

Hospital Accident Ward 1887 London Hospital Accident Ward 1887, London

Hospital-wards-Birmingham-1949 Birmingham, 1949

ward1950 Ward Design, London,1950

Hospital-wards-Womans Ward Scotland 1955 Woman ward, Scotland, 1955

Hospital-wards-Care- Manchester, 1970 Woman Ward, Manchester, 1970

Burnham On Seas Memorial Hospital Bernham O- Seas Memorial Hospital, 2011

2011 Unknown


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