Does Architecture matters when it comes to healing

University of Iowa Children Hospital personalized room
University of Iowa Childrens Hospital personalized room

The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia of proton therapy
Children Hospital of Philadelphia- proton therapy

“…….proactive, evidence based design is an important growing trend in healthcare . Numerous are the reasons for such growth:
• The need to replace aging facilities
• A competitive marketplace for healthcare services
• The need to improve staff and material flow to achieve operational efficiencies
• The ability to accommodate technological advances
• Consumer demand for privacy and family-centered care
• The need to reduce preventable hospital acquired injuries and infections”

Evidence Based Design For Healthcare Facilities. 2011. McCullough, Cyndi

Looking at the points above it seems there are quite many angles to the problem of healthcare facilities. One can be feeling of strong institutionalization, and structural hierarchy. Another can be pointed towards the diminished or in some cases lost social communication between professionals, researchers and patients. Third can be the barriers which physical existing hospital structure creates and their effect in to the users’ life and practice. As it seems the scope for improvement is quite wide.


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