Fagerborg Kindergarten, Oslo

fagerborg_kindergarten_oslo_r030712_s4 fagerborg_kindergarten_oslo_r030712_t9 fagerborg_kindergarten_oslo_r030712_s1

“In nature, top seeds needs the best soil for the best growth conditions to flourish. This is the same for humans. Children are the citizens of “tomorrow” and the resources of the future and it is important that this group have stimulating and developing physical limits in their everyday sphere. Therefore, the objective of the program- agreed upon by both the client and the architect – was to create a nursery that would have a rich architectural register and become a house of character to encourage the development of character – a meaningful architectural framework for children’s important first phase of the formation and development of the Childs experience outside the family”, 29-12-2012, 1:47 pm 


One thought on “Fagerborg Kindergarten, Oslo

  1. Though the final result looks like a medieval castle, I could not agree more with the main goal of the project – foster the development of our children to make them more creative citizens.
    When I think about it, I would like to play in this kindergarten myself ;- )))

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